Home Sellers and Buyers Testimonials:

Keith & Amy Mcguire

Seonae Strong is a phenomenal real estate! She is a true professional who carried an amazing amount attention, focus, and energy into the sale of my home in Layton, Utah.  The sale of my home was particularly challenging for three primary reasons.  First, I had to close out a rental lease and remove an irresponsible tenant who had utterly destroyed much of my house through blatant neglect.  Second, I was geographically separated - living across the country in North Carolina - throughout the entirety of the sales process (from  listing to closing). Third, I was very distracted due to a military deployment and then a permanent change of Station as I moved my family from North Carolina to Florida.

Despite all of these enormous challenges, Seonae made the sale of my home in Utah happen through her blunt determination and willpower.  In the aftermath of my horrible tenant, Seonae helped me prioritize what needed to be fixed and then she scheduled all of the repair work...always holding the contractors accountable for their performance.  She literally saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours.  After getting the house fixed up, she did a masterful job staging it for open houses and aggressively advertising it across numerous websites.  When the house didn't sell right away, she explored creative ways to re-energize buyer interest.  Eventually, all of her efforts paid off and we finally got an offer.  Seonae's energy and enthusiasm carried all the way through closing as she helped me navigate through a tough negotiation until the buyers and I finally managed to agree on a final price.

Bottom line: I was extremely lucky to have Seonae as my real estate agent...my house never would have sold without her!

Eric & Amiee McNabb

Thank you so much for all you did for us doing our move.  We realize how much hard work you put into ensure our happiness.  You really took the time for us and we can't thank you enough.  The sale and purchase of a new home was a tedious process to say the least but you always took care of us.  We are very thankful to have met such a wonderful Realtor and equally great person.  We are loving our new home and are anxiously awaiting our new arrival to share it with.  Thank you again for everything.

Tom & Sun Underwood

When you have an agent who thinks of you even when you are unable to purchase a home right away, you know you've found someone special! That's what we realized when we met Seonae.  That kind of client service really struck a chord with my wife and I. We truly found our Dream home in Pleasant View, UT. If it weren't for Seonae's persistence, patience, and good heart, we may have never found our new home.  There was literally no time to waste, we had to move quickly, and every time we called Seonae, she was there for us!  She didn't blink an eye even when we made last minute requests, day or night.  If Seonae hadn't been so responsive and pro-active, I believe we may have lost our chance at our Dream home.  So, thank you so much Seonae, for everything you did for us, your outstanding work ethic, your integrity, your patience, your persistence, and most of all your good heart!

Brian & Ella Benton

Brian and I can't ever begin to tell you thank you for all you have done for us.  You are a strong saleswoman, a strong advocate, a woman with a strong heart for others, but most of all a strong friend! You are family now my sweet friend.

Jeannett George

Ms. Strong went the extra mile in making sure the entire process of selling our home went smoothly.  She explained things very well, and followed up on all issues, making sure we understood everything that was going on.  Ms. Strong is a true professional who I would recommend to anyone who needs a real estate agent.  She's the best!

James & Beverly Dawson

She helped us put our house in order for showings, always let us know when people were coming, gave us feedback on all visits, did research, and was knowledgeable about our hillside location.  Working with Seonae was a great experience.